Fire Extinguishing

Automatic fire-fighting systems act as first aid during extinguishing, ensuring urgent fire detection and fire source extinguishing. Such systems operate on the principle of manual or automatic start-up. Water, foam, powder, gas and aerosol appliances are used for automatic fire-fighting. Each of them has its own application field.

The BK Company uses equipment of German producer MINIMAX for fire protection of crowded premises with technical equipment and other valuable property.

Sprinkler fire-extinguishing systems detect inflammation, initiate alarm signal and extinguish fire since before it become catastrophic and uncontrolled. Sprinklers are usually used in water-filled and air-filled systems. Air-filled systems are developed specially for premises, where water freezing in plumbing is possible.

Fields of application for such systems are as follows: storehouses, industrial enterprises, production premises, high-bay warehouses, hotels, exhibition halls, shopping malls, offices etc.

Operating principle of deluge systems is the same, as of the sprinkler ones, but for extinguishing the open drencher heads are used. Such systems convey a lot of water at one time to the all protected area and are used refuse damps and waste incineration plants, in bunkers with chip, conveyors, airplane sheds, stages, electric power plants, transformer rooms, automobile tunnels, oil and gas storage tanks, at petrol filling stations etc.


Water spray fire-fighting systems are used for protection of buildings and cooling of temperature sensitive and flammable objects, where fire flash is possible. Such protection is needed for machines, test benches, cable channels, printing machines and presses for medium density fiberboard production, gas turbines, transformers, automatic garage, ships, locomotives etc.


At places, where switching equipment, turbines, transformers are used, in areas of painting and lacquering, in cable shafts, silo towers and filters, at testing benches and in engine compartments, in telecommunication premises, art objects vaults, computation centers the BK Company offers to use gas extinguishing system CO2 Argotec of MINIMAX production. Extinguishing is carried out by pressing out air from inflammation area. Additional effect of extinguishing is provided by cooling of fire source because of high heat-absorption capacity of carbon dioxide and its law initial temperature.

Системы газового пожаротушения высокого давления


Системы газового пожаротушения низкого давления


For active fire prevention the BK Company offers inertisation system Permatec. This system actively excludes fire by controlled nitrogen supply. This assures fire security because of oxygen concentration diminishing to the level, insufficient for combustion reaction, but safe for human. Nitrogen, necessary for this process, is produced on-site by compressor-membranous plant.


For server rooms, heat communication systems, archives, vaults, depositories of banks, libraries, museums, art galleries, medical institutions etc. we use modular synthetic-gas fire-fighting systems, in particular МХ-200 of MINIMAX production.

Wide range of bottles capacities, various nozzles, thanks to which fire extinguishing agent evaporates only in discharge orifice, storage of fire extinguishing agent both in one bottle and in multibottle units allow to adapt such systems for different types of objects.

Advantages of such fire-fighting systems are as follows:

  • high extinguishing capacity, based on flame heat absorption;

  • short duration of gas emission (less than 10 sec);

  • extinguishing without remains of extinguishing agent and its products;

  • absence of harmful effect on environment and safety for human;

  • small amount of fire extinguishing agent in comparison with analogоus СО2 units.


Specialists of engineering department of the BK Company will help to design reliable and effective fire-fighting system, in accordance with operating requirements on fire safety. Requirements of regulatory documents concerning characteristics of the object and fire safety, as well as customer wishes regarding architectural, construction solutions and premises design are taken into account during design works. Each existing project undergoes expert review of State Fire Inspection authorities as to the reliability and safety. Then it is put into effect.

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