Video Control

Up-to-date video control systems are of paramount importance in creation of high-level security of both commercial and housing facilities. There are following areas of application of video control systems:

Financial institutions:. reliable video control system guarantees a solid reputation for any bank. It will protect bank customers and staff against threats and unlawful acts of malicious persons and will assure safeguarding of money means and preservation of confidentiality.

Supermarkets and shops.. The system will assure sight controlling of sales areas, back rooms, warehouses, parking places. Use of video control system prevents stealing and loss of goods. In case of emergency, this system will help to reveal thieves, to control cashiers’ work and payment for commodities. You can attach a picture of executed operation to the cash register receipt by dint of video cameras.

Hotels. High technologies of video monitoring assure safety for guests, protection of hotel property and eliminate the possibility of terroristic acts. Reliable monitoring system will promote proper work of staff, increase service level.

Industrial facilities. Usage of video control system will assure strict control of check passages, warehouses, depositories, workshops, territory. For territory and its perimeter security it is convenient to use speed tilting chambers, able to turn from one surveillance site to another, about vertical and horizontal axes, and able to magnify optically the surveillance object several tens of times. Such chambers have programmed positions and surveillance route. Full-time record with possibility of viewing, assured by digital video recorders, increases degree of safety, discipline of security and staff, as well as decreases amount of thefts dramatically.

Offices. Safety of the office, staff and visitors, protection of material values and commercial secrets – all of this are necessary conditions for normal running of the organization. Video control of entrance, sales area, staff rooms and warehouses form reliable protection of business. Possibility of staff surveillance will prevent bad business practice and important commercial information leakage.

Urban development and municipal buildings.. For achieving security of government institutions, educational establishments, kindergartens, hospitals and clinics, as well as municipal housing, the street video control systems should be installed. Monitoring of yards, entrances, elevators, and utility rooms assures safety for dwellers. New concept of apartment buildings security – video cameras for each riser block of flats. Video door phones allow to see visitors and to make a decision concerning their entrance in the apartment.

Villas and cottages.. Advanced video surveillance will allow to feel great security when you are at home and to be sure, that even when you are out, everything will be under control. In an emergency – unauthorized penetration, theft, destruction of property – the surveillance will help to recognize and detain lawbreakers.

Suitability of choice of video control and image transfer systems can be determined by specialists of the BK Company. More recently, owing to computer-aided technologies, video surveillance area achieved great success. It is possible now to review picture not only from the office reception, but also from the other hemisphere by dint of Internet and have it on mobile phone screen. If the project was executed competently and mounting was done correctly, up-to-date video control systems integrate easily with security alarm systems and perimeter security systems.

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