Electrical Networks

Nowadays, none modern office, dwelling or business object can't function without electrical networks designed and performed considering requirements of present time.

The BK Company, having long experience in designing and implementation of such systems, executes design and electrical installation works of various difficulty levels for office and industrial premises in the following areas:

  • power and lighting mains in any type premises (including in explosive and fire-hazardous objects);

  • various power and electrical equipment, according to the customer requirements;

  • power-factor correction units;

  • monitoring (including remote monitoring) of electric network parameters with subsequent informing of responsible persons;

  • technical equipment management systems (ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection systems, technological processes).

For creation of electrical networks and implementation of up-to-date electrical equipment in the customer's objects, there is accredited laboratory in the BK Company, specialists of which conduct necessary measuring, mounting and start-up works, putting into operation key ready. All works are executed in accordance with the license of Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine No. 558680 for designing and mounting of indoor and outdoor electrical networks, measuring systems and equipment, as well as with the Permit of State Committee of Ukraine on Industrial Safety, Work Safety and Mines Inspectorate for continuing of execution of hazardous operations and operation of increased risk equipment No. 244.10.46-74.20.1.

For objects of any complexity: personal apartments and houses, retail entertainment centers, banks, hotels and other buildings, we offer combined solutions for execution of all types of electrical works, providing comfort. This is, first of all, qualitative grounding on the basis of modern technologies and power quality improvement (installation of voltage regulators, uninterruptible power supply units, generators).

During designing of electrical network, all achievements in this area are considered: usage of electric heating of space and premises, keeping up of temperature of heat- and water supply, radio control of various electric devices from any place, dwellers presence simulation. For creation of complicated modern systems, the BK Company uses production of world leading producers: Schneider Electric, Gira, Hager, Polo, АBB, Legrand and others.

On the basis of АМХ and Instabus technologies, mentioned systems can be joined in unified complex with other engineering systems of the building. This will assure comfort, safety and prudent use of resources.

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