Perimeter Security

Perimeter security system - is a complex of technological tools, able to protect objects, such as huge outdoor territories, against unauthorized penetration of unknown persons.

For construction of perimeter security system the BK Company uses equipment of famous in this area companies СIAS, Anicom, GPS Standart, Senstar Stellar.

For reliable protection of object we offer systems of several types as follows:

  • Microwave barriers for perimeter protection. They consist of receiver and transmitter, which should be installed opposite one another. Due to such location, security zone is created.

  • Portable systems with microwave barriers. These systems are used for temporary storing position of material values. They can be easily and quickly folded up and transported if necessary.

  • Violators detection systems, which are buried. As well as they are invisible, it is impossible to identify area under security surveillance. Such systems are based on two operational principles. These are: perimeter security systems, reacting to pressure, appearing during violator's movement, and systems, which detect violator, when he enters electromagnetic field, formed by two cables - receiving and transmitting ones.

  • Perimeter security systems, fastened on the fence or winded into it. Fence vibration, occurred consequent on attempt to get over the fence, causes alarm.

Usage of latest technical achievements in producing of such systems makes possible to avoid false triggering, caused by change of weather, noise of traffic arteries, migration of small animals. These systems are easily integrated with video control system, in particular, using tilting chambers.

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