Security Alarm Systems

Security alarm systems allow to protect any object - private residence or enterprise, business, exhibition or shopping centre etc. - from unauthorized penetration.

Complex of various signaling devices, which reacts to opening or breaking doors and windows, movement in the premises, as well as hub boards and annunciators, form the basis of any such system.

The BK Company uses recent developments in security alarm system area for creation of such systems. Digital signaling devices with intelligent signal processing allow essential diminishing of false alarms amount.

Advanced transmitting and receiving controlling unit - is, so to say, computer in miniature. It receives information from connected signaling devices, tests it and, if needed, transmits alarm signal for subsequent reaction of appropriate services. Proposed hub boards are created on the basis of uniform hardware and software architecture, distinctive with its dimensions and possibility of expanding. Universalism of these devices allows to use them not only in security alarm systems, but also in access control and building management systems.

For protection of objects, the BK Company mainly uses equipment of famous producer Satel. This equipment allows to create flexible systems with possible subsequent expanding, which can be easily integrated with other systems, such as fire alarm, access control, video control systems etc.

Along with leading security alarm systems, more recently, we offer wireless radio channel two-way system of new generation - АВАХ. Advanced digital technologies, implemented in the process of its production, allow to assure operational reliability and low level of energy consumption. This system is certified in Ukraine. And high performance of its elements allows to enter it to the List of Technical Equipment, Recommended for Organization of Objects Protection and Security Elements Activities for objects of А, Б, В categories.

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