Building Management System

BMS (Building Management System) - is the complex of organizational, technical-engineering measures and software solutions, oriented to creation of high-efficiency economic asset of building maintenance, maximally compatible with the requirements of the premises users and owners.

Such system of engineering management provides comfortable and safe conditions for business in administrative buildings, for rest in hotels, safety and comfort in own house. BMS allows to cut maintenance costs due to joining in unified engineering complex of many various systems.

BMS allows the following:

  • to control system operation of ventilation, air conditioning, heating, water supply and water treatment, lighting, gas supply, transporting (lifts, escalators), safety and others in automatic mode

  • to obtain objective information on operation and condition of all systems, to notify the controller in due time on necessity of intervention or to call maintenance service in case of divergence of parameters from standard measures

  • to control maximally possible amount of equipment parameters and load indexes, to reallocate energy resources among systems and to assure its effective exploitation

  • to impose optimal control mode for engineering equipment towards reducing energy resources consumption and saving money means

  • to ensure supervisory control and management in case of abnormal situations

  • to bring extremal situations under control in due time

  • to take quick decision in case of alert conditions or abnormal situations (fire, flood, gas leaking, unauthorized penetration)

  • to analyze objectively equipment operation, engineering services and security elements activities in abnormal situations on information basis of computer-aided data bases, saving all taken decisions.

Each object with computer-aided engineering system we carry out by dint of various technical solutions. In the process of equipment selection, the determinative factors for us are reliability, successful implementation in operating objects, customers' pleasure, and producers' spotless reputation. Depending on technical audit results, we will offer you solution on the basis of best equipment of worldwide leaders - (since 2003 included in holding company Schneider Electric), Johnson Control, concept Smart Home on the basis of orporation and Gira technologies.

American corporation - is the most powerful designer of integrated control systems for audio and video techniques, broadcasting, heating, air conditioning, lighting etc. The most attractive AMX product groups, which we use in the process of BMS creation, - are touch panels with intentionally programmed colored graphic interface and friendly to Cyrillic font, among which are mortise, desk and wireless control consoles.

Gira - is a worldwide leader in production of components for electrical installations and bussed systems of computer-aided control and management of building engineering complex. International certificate ISO 9001 confirms compliance of these goods with high quality standards. Style variety allows to Gira production to blend in with any interior harmonically: from classic interior to high-tech one. In our work we use a wide range of Gira production, in particular, remote control unit by dint of communications signal, controllers and other building automation components on the basis of European bus Instabus EIB.

In the process of project development, we pay attention to technical, economic, operational and ecological characteristics of the building. Designing and mounting are executed after technical audit of the object, considering customer's requirements, current construction standards and fire code.

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